Creating a Workforce Ready Generation

CISCC uses the NC REAL curriculum (Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning), a research-based, tested program. The program is delivered to all middle school students in the CIS school based programs through partnerships with the Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce, Caldwell County Schools, and Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute.

The REAL program addresses a need in the community by including examination of the community’s history, current institutions, and needs The program features research, proposal writing, creating a plan of action, identifying and securing resources, and exploring ethical and legal issues. Students learn that their community counts and that they have the opportunity to be a potential agent of change. REAL shows students how to develop long-term goals, build on current talents and skills, and to learn about community responsibility. Hands-on experiential learning will be used with every model of the program. Community partnerships will allow the program to operate weekly and to have a speaker or field trip twice a month. Students work in small groups to develop a team. Businesses are recruited by the Chamber of Commerce to provide hands-on workshops to help students develop soft skills, resumes, and business connections.

High school programs use “Entrepreneurship: Own Your Future” curriculum. CISCC is teaching high school students how to becoming a better employees using the soft-skills techniques in this curriculum.

For more information, please call 828-929-2247 To find out how you and/or your business can get involved.


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