Become a Partner

We Need YOU as a Business Partner

Businesses who partner with CIS Caldwell, are businesses involved in one of the most important initiatives for students in Caldwell County. Communities In Schools of Caldwell County is seeking business partners to help provide some of the basic needs of the organization. Those who partner with CIS Caldwell usually find the rewards are as beneficial to the business as they are to CIS Caldwell. CIS Caldwell invites you to join the business community in providing mentors for the CIS Caldwell students of  the Caldwell County School System. More than 500 students receive services from the CIS Caldwell program in 7 schools. Right now, we have over 100 businesses and agencies in the area that provide some type of support to the CIS Caldwell program in Caldwell County. Our goal this year is to expand, to refresh, and to engage new businesses, while revitalizing businesses that have been with us for years. Please click on the link below to see how you can get involved. If interested in partnering with CIS Caldwell, then please call the main office and ask for Keith, 828-929-2247.