Middle School Programs

Second semester in a semester of service. The following CIS Caldwell middle school students are working on service learning projects:

Gamewell Middle School - TBD

Granite Falls Middle School – D.J. Brown

Hudson Middle School – Cherlene Siraton

William Lenoir Middle School – Lindsay Hallead

6th grade – Is looking at the world of BEES. Why is this mysterious insect so important to the life cycle of mankind?

7th grade – Is learning about the importance of recycling and reusing. How can having a different outlook on what we discard change the face of life on earth today.

8th grade – Is learning about oceans, rivers, and waterways. What does it mean to have clean unpolluted water? What can each and everyone one of us do to protect and ensure there will always be clean drinking water.

High School Programs

Hibriten High School – led by Connie Christian

The Communities In Schools of Caldwell County students at HHS are working on a semester of service. Weekly students tour an important piece of history in Lenoir. Students are working with the Caldwell Heritage Museum to develop and complete a project to enhance the services at the museum. Presentation on April 29, 2020.

South Caldwell High School – led by Cherrie Moss

The Communities In Schools of Caldwell County students at SCHS are working on a semester of service. The students will be opening a clothes closet and food pantry to meet the current student needs at the school.

West Caldwell High School – led by Jackie Gurnsey (sub. Melissa Reynolds)

The Communities In Schools of Caldwell County students at WCHS are working on a semester of service. Students are working a service project called, “Inspire to Respond.” During this service learning project student will be conducting research about veteran suicide. The event will be a veteran awareness walk. Every 22 minutes a veteran takes their own life. The walk will begin at 10:00 with an opening ceremony and every 22 minutes the timer will start for a participant to walk. All Veterans are invited.


Join CISCC Program


Students are referred to the Communities In Schools of Caldwell County program to receive extra support, participate in hands-on activities, and to learn about community involvement. To be considered for the program, students must be referred by a parent, counselor, or teacher etc.

If you are a student who wants to get ahead academically, or if you think you would otherwise benefit from being in a CISCC program, then ask a teacher at your school about your school’s CISCC program.

Communities In Schools operates at Gamewell Middle, Granite Falls Middle, Hudson Middle, and William Lenoir Middle schools and at Hibriten High, South Caldwell High, and West Caldwell High schools.

For more information, please call the CISCC main office at 828-929-2247.

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